Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
curly cut$90+$100+
haircut & blowdry$55+$60+$65+$70+$80+
barber style haircut$30+$30+$35+$40+$45+
teen haircut and blowdry (ages 11-17)$40+$40+$45+$45+$45+
kid's haircut & blowdry (up to age 10)$30+$30+$35+$40+$45+
kid's barber style haircut (up to 13)$25+$25+$30+$35+$35+
Blowdry w/iron$35+$35+$40+$45+$50+
updo / formal styling$75+$85+$85+$100+


Level 1Level 2Level 3*Level 4*Level 5*
root touch-up*$55+$60+$100+$105+$115+
all-over color*$85+$90+$130+$135+$145+
grey blending on barber style$35+$35+$35+$40+$50+
color on barber style$40+$40+$40+$45+$55+
face frame foil / balayage*$60+$70+$150+$165+$180+
partial foil / balayage*$90+$100+$185+$200+$215+
full foil / balayage*$120+$130+$215+$225+$250+
double process blonding*consultation required
creative color*consultation required
color correction*consultation required

*A Botanical Repair™ and/or Glaze Treatment is included on all color services Level 3 and up. Levels 1 and 2 are charged separately.

hair retexturing

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
pura luxe repair & heal$100/hr$100/hr$135/hr$135/hr$165/hr
pura luxe de-frizz"""""
pura luxe smooth & straight"""""
pura luxe protein smoothing + straightening treatment system
Pura luxe protein smoothing + straightening treatment system is safe and highly effective for all natural hair types. It is made from natural proteins and aromatic essential oils, which penetrate and protect the hair. This allows for a customizable smoothing treatment; leaving hair frizz and damage-free, filled with moisture, shine and the additional option of straightening.
all formulations are formaldehyde & sulfate-free!
Pura Luxe's proprietary breakthrough formulations contain amino acids. The amino acids penetrate the hair and expand and weaken the sulfate bonds to repair hair. After smoothing, the hair remains strong with its natural thickness.


VoMor™ Hair Extensions allow you to choose to add color, volume or length—for a special occasion or just to make a simple change. Consultation required.

VoMor™ tape-ins$230+

Hair Treatment

pramãsana™ scalp facial treatmentfull 35 min $35 | express 15 min $15
invati advanced™ solutions for thinning hair$45
hair therapy—purify, repair or moisture$30